About BioFrontiers
BioFrontiers is a dynamically developing non-profit organisation chartered by a group of life science academics and professionals based in the Copenhagen area. Inspired by the internationally recognised start-up scene, research excellence as well as entrepreneur-friendly environment in Denmark, we decided to use our expertise to accelerate the bilateral collaboration between Denmark and Poland.
Why BioFrontiers? As young professionals integrated in the Danish research sector and the biotech industry, we are well positioned to stimulate successful international collaboration. Many BioFrontiers members have extensive experience spanning across multiple countries and continents. This gives us a unique perspective on the important aspects of project management and innovation incubation in diverse environments. By actively participating in and organising new initiatives, we hope to facilitate the exchange of ideas for entrepreneurship and application-oriented research in both academia and industry.
How BioFrontiers? Aiming at strengthening the ties between Danish and Polish bioinnovation sectors, after careful analysis we have identified the key areas on interest for BioFrontiers' initiatives:
  • exchange of ideas and expertise on technology transfer and science commercialisation
  • integration of the academic, start-up, and bioindustry environments
  • promotion of entrepreneurship and application-oriented research
  • facilitation of international mobility of researchers
  • stimulation of international collaboration in biomedicine, biotech and pharmacology
  • creation of supportive environment for international scientific and commercial projects
Our Events
Follow BioFrontiers in Facebook BioFrontiers strives to integrate the academic and industrial research communities as well as the startup and big pharmaceutical enterprises. Many of our events have a strong networking component. We also run more official conferences and meetings.
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Danish-Polish Biotech Meetup
BioFrontiers works to bring Danish and Polish Biotech together in order to create synergy and new business opportunities. The next event in this series will be held on 19.09.2019. We will be hosting Intelliseq, an exciting bioinformatics startup.
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See the Event Poster (PDF)

BioFrontiers Summit
With the support from the Polish Embassy in Coppenhagen, in November we have organised an international meeting on Danish as well as Polish biotech and medical sectors. Held at the exclusive Faculty Club of the Medical Department of the Copenhagen University (KU SUND), BioFrontiers Summit was a unique opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs and scientists working both in academic as well as industrial environments and funding bodies. The program of the meeting has been designed specifically to match interests of young professionals from the bio-tech-med industry in Denmark, and was intended to stimulate international collaborations, particularly between Denmark and Poland.

See the Event Poster (PDF)

We were honoured to host Polish ambasador to Denmark, H.E. Henryka Mościcka-Dendys, AEP, who welcomed all the guests with a short address. BioFrontiers Summit received coverage from the mainstreem media, including national Danish TV (channel 2, TV2).

The invited speakers were:

prof. Theodore Hupp, International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science in Gdansk, Poland
Prof. Hupp is an American who is currently working in the UK as head of the Experimental Cancer Research Centre of the University of Edinburgh. He graduated in Chemistry from Ohio State University and received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Michigan State University. In later years, his main research interests included proteomics and proteogenomics, as well as immunosuppression caused by cancer and the role of different signaling paths in oncogenesis. He has been the main applicant or co-investigator in 25 research grant programs funded by, among others, the Medical Research Council (MRC-UK), Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSR-UK), Cancer Research UK and AICR (Association for International Cancer Research). Besides his excellent research qualifications, he has vast experience in the area of intellectual property and in collaboration with the industry. Together with prof. Robin Fahraeus, prof. Hupp has recently established an International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science in Gdansk, Poland. The project is fully financed by the Foundation for Polish Science, as a part of International Research Agenda program.

Tomasz Rygiel (PhD), Medical University of Warsaw and co-founder of Cellis, Poland
Tomasz obtained his PhD in 2007 at the Department of Cell Biology, Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. After successful post-doctoral fellowship at the University Medical Center in Utrecht he was awarded HOMING PLUS grant from Foundation of Polish Science (FNP) that allowed him to come back to Poland to continue his work on the role of CD200R signaling pathways in cancer as an independent researcher. Since then, he was awarded several research grants and co-authored several patent applications and publications. In 2015, he established Cellis Ltd., the company aiming at the exploitation of a novel cell-based targeted cancer therapies exploiting “educated” macrophages and T lymphocytes for drug delivery. This project is co-financed from TEAM-TECH program from FNP.

Sune Justesen, CSO and co-founder of Immunitrack, Denmark
Sune has a PhD in immunology from the University of Copenhagen and has worked for more than 10 years with developing Immunitrack’s technology that builds on receptors central to the immune system, namely Major Histocompatibility Complexes (MHC). During that time, Sune devised a new method for producing functional MHC I&II and perform MHC/peptide binding assays. This enabled his laboratory to become a global leader in that field, which ultimately secured large NIH grants as well as industrial collaborations. Immunitrack provides the research community with tools to select or redesign drug candidates at the early stage of R&D, but also reagents to monitor lead drug candidates effect on patient’s immune system. Since beginning of 2016, Immunitrack has secured contracts with more than 70 biotech/pharma and research institutes worldwide, including 5 of the top 10 pharma companies. Areas of application are development of biologics, vaccines and personalized cancer vaccine.

Dawid Nidzworski (PhD), CEO and co-founder of SensDx, Poland
David obtained his PhD at the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology University and Medical University of Gdansk. During his scientific career, he has been awarded multiple grants and awards, including VENTURES and IMPULS from FNP, LIDER from NCBiR, and the SME Instruments. He developed a biosensor which identifies the presence of influenza virus in throat swabs. This project became a universal platform for development of detection devices pathogens in human, animals or plants. He is also working on an edible vaccine against influenza virus for poultry (LIDER). He co-authored several publications and 13 patent applications. He has established several companies focusing on consulting, cosmetics, diagnostics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and aquaculture. He believes that one of his start-up companies, SensDx, will revolutionize the way of medical diagnostics in the world.

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), represented by Tomasz Poprawka (European Affairs Coordinator)
The biggest Polish non-profit NGO funding research projects and enterprises. For the last 25 years FNP has been at the forefront of promoting applied science carried out both in companies and academia. The projects financed by the Foundation are aimed at scientists at all levels of career (form PhD students to established professor) and are not limited to Polish citizens. As FNP is currently looking to open an investment arm similar to Novo Seeds and Novo Ventures, they are interested in learning about the best practices in science commercialisation.

Selvita, represented by Bogusz Ostrowski (Business Development Manager)
A dynamically expanding drug discovery company, which develops therapies in the area of oncology. Additionally, it also provides integrated drug discovery and bioinformatics services worldwide, which includes collaborations with pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Merck KGaA.

Innovation Fund Denmark, represented by Lars Winther (Scientific Officer)
Established in 2014, Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden) is bringing together research, technology development and innovation grants from the Danish Council of Strategic Research, the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation into one new powerful foundation. The overall aim it is to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, in order to strengthen research and innovative solutions that may benefit growth and employment in Denmark. This is done by investing in, and thus providing risk capital for societal partnership on innovation, thus enabling cutting-edge initiatives to achieve results that have substantial impact for the participating parties and the Danish Society.

Olle Bergman, communications consultant
Olle helps top professionals and students get their facts, ideas and opinions across. Based in Sweden, he is a communications consultant, public speaker, educator, freelance writer and author. His specialities include scientific communication and science dissemination, presentation and writing techniques and medical, technical and scientific writing aimed at a popular audience.
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